• Russig Fördertechnik Beckum Deutschland. Maschinenfabrik für Becherwerke und Förderanlagen.
  • Russig Fördertechnik Beckum, Deutschland. Becherwerke und Förderanlagen
  • Russig Fördertechnik Beckum Deutschland. Maschinenfabrik für Becherwerke und Förderanlagen.
  • Russig Fördertechnik Beckum Deutschland. Maschinenfabrik für Becherwerke und Förderanlagen.


We are manufacturer of machines and equipment for dosing, shutting off, mixing and transport of generally dry and free-flowing bulk material. Our product range mainly comprises bucket elevators, screw conveyors, twin-shaft mixers, rotary valves, shut-off valves and bulk loading equipment. For these machines we developped our own RUSSIG standard type series, which are continuously adapted to the technical progress and the different requirements of our customers. Certainly individual solutions outside our standard types are always possible. We not only adapt our proven design to our costumer’s special applications but we also manufacture machines individually according to your wishes.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are used for the vertical transport of bulk material ranging from light and fine to heavy and coarse. Depending on the kind of material to be conveyed the buckets are fastened to chains or rubber belts. Accordingly we differentiate between chain bucket elevators and belt bucket elevators.
Bucket elevators with large center distances especially for the handling of coarse abrassive material require a robust and solid construction. RUSSIG bucket elevators fulfil these high requirements. We manufacture belt and chain bucket elevators of individual design with a bucket width of 200 to 800 mm and for conveying capacities of up to 370 m³ per hour.

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are used for the horizontal to vertical transport of bulk material. Depending on our customers’ requirements the conveying of bulk material with a grain size of up to 30 mm is possible. We distinguish between trough and tubular screw conveyors.

Rotary Valves

Rotary valves are installed below silos and bins and used for the discharge and dosing of bulk material. Furthermore they are used as pressure buffer and discharge device below filters and cyclones.

Flat Slide Valves

Flat slide valves are used for the locking of silos and bins. Flat slide valves which are used as emergency slide valves are generally operated by handwheel or by reel with chain, so that in case of emergency a safe closing of the silo can be guaranteed. Flat slide valves which are used as operating slide valves e.g. within bulk loading plants are operated pneumatically or by gear motor. We have our own standard size series of flat slide valves however upon request of our customers we manufacture any size required.

2-Way Change-Over Valves

2-way change-over valves are used to guide conveying materials in different conveying paths. The guiding plates are para-rubber-coated which guarantees a long lifetime. According to the customer’s requirements the change-over can be made pneumatically, electrically by gear motor or manually.

Twin-Shaft Mixers

Twin-shaft mixers are used for the homogeneous mixing of several bulk solids or for the moistening of bulk material to achieve a dust-free loading process.

Bulk Loading Heads

Bulk loading heads serve for the dust-free loading of bulk material. We distinguish between open loading such as stockpiling and loading of open vehicles and loading of tanker vehicles (trucks).